Not a great soccer mom

So last night my husband had to work late and I had to bring my son to his soccer game.  I will say it straight – it was the first time I had gone out to see him play soccer this season.  I was pretty excited to see him play, until we got there.  When we left the house it was sunny and warm.  When we got to the soccer field it was grey and stormy looking and a cool wind had come up.  Not promising.  Within seconds of the game start time the rain started to come down.  Sadly you could see blue sky in the distance and it appeared to only be pouring over our soccer field.  The boys loved it.  This mother did not.  I was freezing and soaking wet by the end of it.  I am not sure when I will get out to another game.  And hello?  where exactly is our summer weather?  Because this is NOT it.


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