I leave on a 6 day vacation to the country tomorrow, which means no email, or computers or blogging.  I am halfway through the House of Night series by PC and Kristin Cast.  I have read 2 of 5 books and have the next three already packed for my week of reading.  Are they as amazing as Twilight?  No, but I am enjoying them immensely.  Sometimes it is just refreshing to rip through a fun book about hot vampires and powerful teenage girls.  So I leave you to spend a week with Zoey Redbird and Erik Night and the rest of the House of Night crew…enjoy!  Let me know if you have read them and what you think.


2 thoughts on “Marked

  1. i have read 4 outta 5!!! i need 2 get the 5th one!! i’m not disin twilight but i like House of night soooooo much better!!!!!! But hey tats just me!!!!!!! gtg bye!!!!

    • Okay I have read all 5 now and cannot wait for the 6th! I love this series…Zoey Redbird is just so awesome! I love all the supporting characters too…can’t wait for the next one to come out!

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