Harry Potter 6

I went to see Harry Potter 6 last night and just gushy loved it.  It was so true to the book.  I loved the way they showed the evil flying all over London at the beginning of the movie and how they painted the air of fear.  I loved seeing how the cast had grown since the last movie and how tall some of them were getting (Neville!).  Draco looks just malevolant now, he has really grown well into his character.  Harry, Ron and Hermione are as always, perfectly cast.  I jumped ten feet high at one point even after having read the book several times and knowing exactly what was coming.  I cried a lot, laughed out loud and even shrieked a bit.  Just loved the movie. 

Now, I have to add this part in – my husband saw it with me.  He is not a reader and has not read the books and actually fell asleep during the movie.  He thought it was too long and there was too much talking.  Gasp!  Yes I am considering replacing him 😉


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