The Ugly Truth

Right before I went to see this movie my next door neighbour told me she hated it so much and thought it was one of the worst movies she had ever seen.  I immediately went onto Rotten Tomatoes and it only got a 15% rating there.  I was very worried.  We almost pulled out and went to see something else. 

But it was only 97 minutes long and I really wanted to see it so we went ahead and got our tickets.  And to tell the ugly truth 🙂 I liked it.  There were quite a few very funny parts that had me laughing out loud.  Yes it was predictable, and yes it was very crude in parts, but the funny stuff outweighed it.  I found Katherine Heigl to be kind of wooden and stiff in the role, which was surprising as I usually think she is great.  Gerard Butler was great.  The wardrobe for Katherine’s character was awful…so many bad outfits.  I think they must have been mad at her. 

So, if you are in the mood for a pretty funny movie, set your expectations low and go check it out.  I think you will be amused.


2 thoughts on “The Ugly Truth

  1. I’m glad you liked it. I loved it. I do have to admit that I’m a huge Gerard Butler fan, though. I thought it was very funny.

    The main thing is that romantic comedies usually are predictable. Do they ALL usually turn out the same way? I don’t know what makes this one any less predictable than just about any other one out there. I don’t know why so many people expected so much more than a light-hearted, hilarious, romantic comedy. It was all of those things with two great looking people thrown into the mix.

    I agreed with Heigl’s wardrobe, but took it more as another way of expressing what a stick in the mud she was… which I also view as why she was so stiff. I thought she loosened up toward the end…

    LOVED the dance, the business dinner, and the first date with the Doc…

    I can’t wait until it’s released on DVD so that I can own it!

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