Alouette Beach Resort

We just got back from a lovely weekend in Maine.  My father was kind enough to treat us to a nice weekend at the beach.  He asked me to take care of all the bookings for him so I immediately turned to Trip Advisor.  I was booking on pretty short notice so I did a bit of research and decided on Old Orchard Beach as it was such a family friendly location.  I started calling the list of accomodations with good reviews on Trip Advisor until I found The Alouette Beach Resort that had availability for the nights we needed.  The reviews for it were all good except one so I decided to take a chance.  Oh my, did I make a mistake.  We arrived in a massive rain storm which did nothing to make it look more inviting.  From the outside it was grubby and rundown.  The inside was actually worse.  My parents’ room  was absolutely tiny, and so old and in need of updating we would have gone elsewhere if they hadn’t already charged us the full amount.  There was no screen door, the fridge was rusty and broken, it reeked of smoke, the bedspread and carpet looked like they may have survived World War II.  It was so awful, we had to take pictures.

Now looking at those pictures, think about the fact that we spent $192 US a night for that dump.  Oh my!  People actually walked up to us on the beach just to tell us how bad our hotel was. 

The weekend was wonderful, the beach was great, we had a really nice time.  I just wished we had stayed elsewhere.  I am hoping people will see this post before they book there…and also, please post other suggestions of better places to stay in Old Orchard Beach.


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