Running Injury update

I am feeling pretty ecstatic today.  I have not been able to run in a month, and I made an appointment with the sports medicine doctor but they couldn’t fit me in until August 31…

My calf wasn’t really bugging me the last few days so yesterday I tried out a short run.  I went on the treadmill, did 2 miles, on 5.0.  It felt great, and I stretched a lot before and after.  It felt fine all day and when I woke up this morning it still feels pretty good.  So…I think it may have healed. I am going to try to run tomorrow again, same run as yesterday, and then again on Monday.  If all goes well I will start increasing my distance and speed slowly to see if I can get back to normal. 

I will keep my appointment with the doctor, just in case I activate the injury again, and also to get them to give me the once over and make sure I am not damaging anything.  Also maybe they can tell me what I actually did to myself as I never did figure it out.  In the meantime it felt so good to be able to run again.  I am really hoping this is behind me!


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