The Quincunx

I just finished the most extraordinary novel, The Quincunx by Charles Palliser.  I have no idea where I heard about it as I just add books to my list of things to read whenever someone suggests them and this was the next one that caught my eye.  It is huge!  787 pages.  I only had 5 days to read it and an insanely busy week, but I made up a reading schedule (seriously I am that anal) and I got through it!  I finished it last night on the way to a friend’s wedding rehearsal. 

It was truly a fascinating story about a boy who has to learn who he is and all about his family history in order to understand his inheritance, and stay alive.  It was so tremendously written!  It was actually an easy read, despite its size.  I loved the way it started with this very sparse family tree, and at the end of each section, it was filled in a bit more with the stuff you had learned in the previous pages.  So brilliant, it helped you to keep track of the enormously complicated plot.  Loved it!

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