We took our children (8 and 10 years old) to their first wedding last weekend.  It was a family affair and we thought they were finally old enough to enjoy it.  The whole process was so fun!  We had to go buy new outfits for them, and I got to do my daughter’s hair in an updo, and use sparkle spray!  They both looked so cute. 

At the ceremony they watched everything with big eyes and my son even read a bit in the boring parts.  At the cocktail reception they looked like they thought, “really?  this is it?”  Then for the actual reception, they really cut loose.  My daughter hung out with her cousins and we barely saw her.  She danced the night away and really had a great time.  My son tried out some break dancing moves on the dance floor and made giant structures out of glow bracelets.  They both had such a blast.   My husband and I enjoyed ourselves so much more for having them there.  It really was a wonderful experience.


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