Working Mommy

Sometimes I think they just know.  I have been off for the whole summer and been completely available for my children.  I just started a new job on Monday and am trying to get back into the routine of juggling everything that comes with being a working Mom.  My wonderful husband even worked from home Monday and Tuesday to accommodate our crazy schedule.  My daughter of course waits until Tuesday night to become sick with a mild stomach ache.  She keeps me up half the night, but seems fine in the morning.  At 10am on Wednesday morning she calls me to come get her.  I obviously can’t as I just started a new job.  My husband also can’t as he was home Monday and Tuesday.  She insists she is miserable and must come home.  My husband and I argue back and forth and since he is closer he goes to pick her up and bring her home on his lunch hour, and we decide to leave her home alone for the 3 hours until I can get home.  She was fine with this arrangement and we called her to check in every 10-15 minutes.  Of course, she is up again all night on Wednesday night (if you are counting, that is two sleepless nights for Mommy).  This morning my wonderful parents drove up to be with her as I still can’t take time off and neither can my husband.  Really, she couldn’t have gotten sick last week when I was home every day with no plans and nowhere to be?  Kids – I swear they just know.

2 thoughts on “Working Mommy

  1. Daisy is already pulling these sorts of stunts and she is only 10 months old… I guess more of the same is what I have to look forward to, huh?

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