In honour of this past weekend being Canadian Thanksgiving, I am devoting today to a list of things that I am thankful for.  As I gorged on turkey, mashed potatoes and pie this weekend, my thoughts also drifted to the many joys in my life.
  • the swiftness with which I met my husband, who also happens to be the nicest man on earth, and one true love of my life.
  • the joy and gift that each of my two children are to me.  The smile they each bring to my face daily, and the warmth they bring into my life.
  • the support system of wonderful friends and family I have been blessed enough to collect over the years.  Without them, life would be harder.
  • even the dog makes it onto this list, as his unconditional love and joy lift my spirits when they need it most.
  • the many other things that make my life a little better each day, my favourite authors, movies, tv shows, for entertaining me and allowing me to escape a little when everything else seeks to overwhelm.
  • and of course to my readers out there, wherever you are, thank you for reading.

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