Inspired by last night, here is just something I felt like putting out there…

She walked into the warm coffee house, happy to be coming in from the blistering cold that only a Canadian winter can deliver. Her glasses immediately fogged up and left her a little blind, but mostly just blurred everything around the edges in a way that made the world seem softer, kinder. As she waited for the fog to clear, she took a few tentative steps toward the counter to order, deciding en route what she felt like drinking today. In the end, warmth won out over nutrition and she settled on a grande hot chocolate with whipped cream. As she paid and picked up her drink from the counter, she sighed with relief as the warmth of the liquid seeped through the cardboard and warmed the tips of her fingers. Looking around the shop, she settled on the perfect table. Hidden in the corner, with a comfy overstuffed armchair, but with a clear view of the rest of the shop for people watching, she settled in to relax for a few stolen moments.

She picked up her book and opened to her bookmark, already anticipating being swept away by the author’s wry humour, when suddenly it hit her. She was overwhelmed by him. The scent of his cologne and the unique blend of sweat, masculinity and virility that distinguished him immediately to her olfactory senses. Afraid to look up, and see him after all these years of denying herself contact, she kept her gaze steadfastly on her book, willing him to leave without seeing her. Now that she was aware of his presence, she could pick out his voice, all rough and sensual, evoking bittersweet memories of late nights and long afternoons. It was secretly thrilling, knowing that five years later she could still pick him out by his scent and voice and be certain. She was so in tune to him in the coffee shop by now, that she could pick out his footstep and know that he had seen her and was coming tentatively toward her. At the very last moment, she raised her gaze and met him squarely in the eye. “Hello,” she half breathed, half spoke.

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