I have just started taking yoga classes once a week.  I have periodically done yoga over the years, but nothing in the last 5 years.  I have always liked it, but I find that now that I am running, it feels great!  It is just so good to stretch out all the muscles that seem to be so tight from all of this running.  I feel very invigorated after each class (I have been to two so far).  The specific yoga I am taking is Hatha Yoga.  In the past I have done Ashtanga, Hatha and yoga for pregnant women.  The poses are great because you really can do them at any level.  I am usually struggling to hold the simplest form of each pose, while the people on either side of me twist their bodies into perfect pretzel-like forms.  I laugh a lot in class which is also quite therapeutic.  I even find the last few minutes of relaxation/meditation lovely, and I used to hate that part.  Now I find it nice and peaceful to just lie there letting my body relax and recover from all the work it has just done.  I don’t have a favourite pose yet, but I am sure I will soon…I even like the sun salutations which everyone else in the class groans about.  Last night, we did most of the class from our mat with pillows – comfortable exercising – I love it!


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