Potty talk ;-)

Can we talk just for a brief minute about automatic flushing toilets?  I am in an office these days that is equipped with the latest bathroom technology.  Touchless taps and soap dispensers (yea!) and automatic flushing toilets…which was a yea!  but has some serious drawbacks.  At first I was thrilled as it is nice to not have to really touch anything and have it all flush automatically.  But then, what happens when it doesn’t flush when you want it to?  You have to find the little button thing to make it flush which seems to be different on every single toilet.  And the latest problem I have discovered is unwanted, random flushing.  Which means, there I am, happily doing my thing, when suddenly, BOOM! an unwarranted flush!  And sometimes 3 or 4 in a row.  It freaks me right out!  It only takes me seconds to pee but sometimes that darn toilet is flushing the whole time.  Anyway, I digress…just had to get it off my chest.

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