Two Movies and a Book

I got tickets to go see the Michael Jackson movie, This Is It, on Sunday afternoon.  I would not classify myself as a HUGE Michael Jackson fan, but I always enjoyed his music and look forward to seeing what the movie is like.  I actually don’t even know very much about what the actual movie is about so it will be a bit of a surprise as well.
I also just got tickets to go see the double bill of Twilight and New Moon on November 19.  I am so happy because Twilight is showing at 7pm and New Moon at 10pm.  Last year when we went to see Twilight we went at midnight, and then afterwards found out we could have gone at 10pm…so, very amazing that this year we get to see the earlier showings.  I am also really hoping that New Moon is good. I am a little anxious because the book was my least favourite of the series and had the least Edward in it, and really – he is my favourite.  Hopefully they do a good job and it is as good as Twilight.
Lastly, the latest book in the House of Night series came out yesterday, Tempted.  My wonderful friend picked it up for me and I cannot wait to start it!  I haven’t had a chance yet, but hopefully tonight I can curl up with it.  It is such a fun series, and I can’t wait to see what happens next…

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