This Is It

As I mentioned in a previous post, I had tickets to see This Is It on Sunday.  I was going with a friend who really wanted to see it.  I wasn’t really seeing it with any expectations.  Wow!  This movie blew me away.  I think over the years, all of the personal stuff that was broadcast about Michael Jackson just clouded my views about him as an artist.  I am not going to even touch on the personal stuff, except to say that in this movie he is so thin and fragile looking that it made me sad.  As an artist however, I had forgotten his brilliance.  I really don’t think there is another musician out there with the gift that he had.  I certainly am not his biggest fan, but I could watch this movie and appreciate him on a level that I think I knew about once way back when, but had forgotten.  The way he carried a melody, even when he wasn’t trying, and hit those beautiful notes, and really felt the music.  The way he danced…I mean seriously, the man was 50 years old and was moving like crazy.  So innovative!  Watching the young principle dancers all jump up and down with glee watching him perform when they weren’t on stage with him was so beautiful.  What an amazing gift he gave them that they will cherish for the rest of their days.  He was so humble, which I think I forgot.  Whenever he had a criticism or suggestion for the way a song was being played, or lighting or anything, he very kindly asked for the change and said it was coming with love.  How sweet.  He could have been a total diva and no one would have cared.  This movie reminded me how amazing MJ really was, and how much I would have loved to have seen his final concert be performed.

One thought on “This Is It

  1. I have to agree, the thing that really struck me were the backup dancers watching him perform. My heart really goes out to them…young, talented people who were given the chance of a lifetime to dance alongside a music legend. And then…gone. And not just them, really – every single person who worked in the background, who were so excited about what they were creating. What a crushing blow it must have been when this opportunity was taken away from them. I hope their talent is discovered in other ways and that they can still benefit by working on this project. RIP MJ.

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