New Moon…again ;-)

So in light of the movie coming out in 2 days – woohoo!  I already have my tickets to see the double billing of Twilight and New Moon 🙂 – I decided to re-read New Moon.  It was definitely my least favourite of the Twilight series, with Twilight being my favourite, Breaking Dawn a close second.  As I previously blogged, I re-read Twilight a few months ago and was blown away by how much I still loved it.  I was kind of dreading reading New Moon again as I really didn’t love it the first time through.  I found certain parts of it unbelievably annoying (Bella not realizing Jacob was a werewolf, Bella not understanding why Edward left her, Bella almost falling for Jacob).  I mean is she really that clueless? 
A funny thing happened during this read though.  I think because I have already read the whole series and know how it all turns out, and maybe because this time I read this book all by itself, I found all of these things much less annoying.  Yes she is still unbelievably clueless, but I know it all gets worked out in the end so I felt a lot less like screaming, and instead just enjoyed the story.  I really enjoy all the characters, however this book has way too little Edward.  At the same time, it still does have a lot of Edward, so I am hoping they do a good job with that in the movie version.  Jacob and Bella’s friendship is very sweet and loving, and it reminded me why so many people like Jacob.  Not that he is in any way a replacement for Edward, that so isn’t the point of the story Stephanie is telling (yes I feel we are on a first name basis).  In fact, the whole Team Jacob thing baffles me as it just doesn’t make sense.  It is not a series about a love triangle, it is a series about Bella and Edward.  Bella never in any way feels like Jacob could be her true love, no matter what is happening, it always comes back to Edward. 
I also love the parts with Alice in this book – she is such a strong character, and funny and witty.  I hope the parts where she is with Bella at her house before they go to Italy are well portrayed in the movie.  Anyhow, all of this writing to say that I really enjoyed New Moon this time, and am now more hopeful for the movie.  Wish me luck 🙂 

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