New Moon – The Movie

We had tickets to see the double billing of Twilight and then New Moon on November 19 – which worked out so well as we got perfect seats for Twilight and then didn’t have to get up or move for New Moon.  I totally did not understand why people came in time for Twilight, and then stood outside and only saw New Moon.  Bizarre.
Rewatching Twilight was a lot of fun, as it is always nice to see it on the big screen.  They edited it a bit, I guess for time reasons, but really I don’t think they needed to, as we ended up with an hour between films.  Either way, it was wonderful all over again, I  just love that movie.  It was also nice to have the refresher right before New Moon.  I thought it was neat that the audience all laughed, gasped and cheered in the same places as the first time I saw it in the theatre.
New Moon was much better than I expected.  I had been really worried that it would be way too Jacob focused but it stayed true to the book.  I also had been worried that the audience would be anti-Edward with all this Team Jacob crap, but was pleasantly surprised that Edward still got cheered each time he came on screen and there was lots of love for him.  Jacob got cheers too, and it was fun to cheer him on.  He is just perfect in this role, and really does a good job.  I kind of found all the werewolf actors smaller than I pictured them in the book, but I liked them more than I expected to, especially Sam and Quil.
The birthday party scene was really well done, and still one of my favourite scenes from the book.  I enjoyed Jasper’s facial expressions in this movie, I am not sure why but he is really growing on me.  Alice was wonderful as usual…she is really well played by Ashley Greene.  Billy, Bella and Edward are as always, perfect.  I just so love the story, and I was really happy to see it all out on the big screen.  The Volturi were good, but I didn’t find Jane how I had pictured her, and I had expected Marcus to have a bigger role. 
At this point, I am scheduled in to see the movie again this Friday night, and am looking ahead eagerly to the release of Eclipse on June 30, 2010.  Oh and I just bought the soundtracks to both Twilight and New Moon – now I will always have them with me 😉

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