Dior – Serum de Rouge

I had some bonus money to spend at Shopper’s Drug Mart a couple of weeks ago and have been really hunting for a new lipstick. I decided to go in for the full treatment. I handed myself over to the Make-up lady and said “find me a lipstick!” She asked me all sorts of questions about what I was looking for…my answers were something like this: something I can wear every day, something that moisturizes my lips, not a gloss, something that kind of lasts, and nothing too dark…oh and shiny is good too. We tried a bunch out and eliminated based on “too pink”, “too red”, “just not a fan”, “too light”. As soon as I tried on Dior’s Serum de Rouge – Rosewood Serum 740, I knew we had a winner. This stuff just feels so good. Whereas normally during the day when my lips get all dry and flaky I reach for my Kiehl’s Lipbalm #1, now I am reaching for Dior. It is supposed to do all sorts of things like smoothing and plumping and moisturizing and contains something like 20% skincare ingredients…and I actually think it really does do all that. It just feels similar to lavishing lotion on your dry hands, softens and immediately feels better. I love it!! It is totally expensive – mine cost around $40 cdn, but to me it was soooo worth it.


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