Walt Disney World

We just got back from 9 days in Florida, including a 2 day stint in Disney World.  This was our second trip to Disney World as a family, and this time we stayed at The Swan.  Last time we stayed at the Boardwalk Villas, and truly that room was nicer than this one.  The Swan is a great hotel, but it really isn’t worth the inflated rates that they list the rooms at during peak season.  I assume most people that stay there end up getting discounted rates, and for the $150/night we spent it was a terrific deal!  The advertised rate for our room was $550/night and it was not worth that.  It really seemed like the decor was dated and there was a weird smell in the hallways and elevator.  At the same time there is nothing better than staying on location at Disney and it was very clean.  The restaurants in the hotel were very good.  As always at Disney they are extremely accommodating regarding food allergies and we really appreciated their excellent service in the food department. 

This time we visited Epcot and the Magic Kingdom.  Epcot opened early to resort guests our first day there, so we took advantage of it and went there first.  We were able to ride Soarin’ twice – which really was quite spectacular.  We also fit in Nemo, Figment and Honey I Shrunk the Audience before we decided to get lunch and get over to the Magic Kingdom.  We spent the rest of our time at Disney in The Magic Kingdom, and I think we hit most of the rides.  We really enjoyed the roller coasters this time, as the kids were old enough now to do them with us.  Everyone agreed that Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain were the highlights of the trip.  We also really enjoyed Mickey’s Philharmagic, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the kids made us do the Jungle Cruise twice.  This trip we didn’t concentrated on meeting all the characters as we met them all on our last visit, and the kids weren’t that interested this time, it was all about the rides.  We used our fast passes as much as we could and they certainly helped make our trip more enjoyable. 

Next time we promised ourselves that we would go for a longer stay and spend time in both Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios as well.  We tried to go to Hollywood Studios one night but it closed at 8pm – seriously??  Over the Christmas break?  That was just strange.  Overall, we love Disney and it really is the best family vacation spot!


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