Day Breakers

My husband and I made a last minute decision to go see a movie this weekend, and by the time we got to the theatre the only movie playing in the next 30 minutes was Day Breakers, the new Ethan Hawke movie.  I love Ethan Hawke, and vampires, so it seemed like a good choice.  The first half of the movie was pretty good, pretty intense and interesting.  Then it got kind of action-silly, with some slow motion scenes that could only be tongue in cheek.  The whole theatre was laughing for a few of them.  On the whole, I found it to be an entertaining film, if not a deep and serious one.  And Ethan Hawke was hot, as usual.

Did you hear about the Morgans?

We had seen this preview about a million times, and had almost despaired of it ever actually being released into theatres…then we were busy with other things, so we were pretty excited to finally get out to see it on Sunday afternoon.  Let me say right now that without Hugh Grant, this movie would have been a huge flop.  It may have been a huge flop money-wise anyhow (I have no idea!), but I found it to be light and enjoyable.  There were many great one-liners from Hugh that made it a worthwhile movie to go see.  Sarah Jessica Parker was also fun, as was the rest of the cast.  On the whole though, if you aren’t a Hugh Grant fan, don’t bother 🙂


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