Steak…not so much

You know how sometimes it takes you ages to book a night out with another couple, and it is really exciting doing all the planning.  You go online and read restaurant reviews, and you try to pick a place that is going to have great food and atmosphere and service, so that you can really enjoy a wonderful night out with friends. 

For the big night, we chose Steak Modern Steakhouse Lounge on Clarence Street.  We got there a bit early, and were shown to pretty much the worst table in the place by two girls who looked to be about 12 years old wearing black tea towels for dresses.  Immediately we felt like leaving, but we decided to give it another try.  We negotiated a nicer table by the window, and ordered drinks to start, and the evening was looking up.  We put in our first drink order at 7pm…we looked at the menu, and ordered starters, and mains, and sat back to enjoy some nice conversation.  

Four seconds later our starters were dropped off. Three of us ordered Caesar salads, which arrived on a long rectangular plate, that was half empty.  It kind of felt like if we put two together we would have a nice salad.  The fourth diner in our party ordered tuna, which looked a bit more substantial.  They all tasted good, we just wished there was more of it.  There was no bread on the table, or pepper, which was odd.  As we put down our forks, the main dishes were brought to the table.  Our starter plates, had to be removed to make room for them.  We didn’t get steak knives right away, or ground pepper offered.  In fact we were also hoping to order some wine with our steaks, but weren’t asked. 

I had ordered a side of mushrooms while we were eating our salads, but it didn’t make it to the table until after we all finished our meals.  About 5 minutes after our plates were brought, we were given cutlery.  About 10 minutes after, once we had eaten about half our meals, we were offered ground pepper.  The food was great, but it was so scant, we were all kind of surprised.  The big joke at the table was when we realized that we all ordered twice baked potatoes, yet were only given half of a potato each.  Seriously…half a baked potato.  One of us ordered the gorgonzola steak, and it was honestly the size of a golf ball.  As one of us finished, the plate was whisked away, making us feel like if we stayed another minute, we may get kicked out.  Here is the best part…the service was so bad, that when we finished our steaks, we asked for the bill and received it at…7:55pm.  So basically our long leisurely evening was over before our babysitter even made any cash off us.  It was so incredibly disappointing. 

Our waiter saw we were unhappy, and asked what was going on.  We told him, and really, he didn’t do anything to make it better, other than offering us a round of free drinks and dessert.  Honestly at that point, if we had taken him up on his offer, we figured we would have been kicked to the curb at 8:15 max…have overstayed our allotted 60 minutes per table.  It was so disappointing!  The food was good, but the atmosphere and service were deplorable.  I hope they either change their ways, or Ottawa stops going.


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