Book I am not reading :-)

Sometimes I read a book just because the title looks fun or someone I like and respect recommended it.  Recently a friend told me her husband recommended The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break, by Steven Sherril   In the past,  no matter how I felt about the book I would finish it.  But this time, I really just couldn’t do it.   I read 60 pages and was absolutely dreading picking it up again,  so I just didn’t.   It isn’t a horrible book,  just not at all something I wanted to read.   It was quite bizarre, which is kind of obvious from the title, but for me,  not a good bizarre.  More of a driving past the scene of an accident peek between two fingers kind of thing. So yeah, I didn’t finish it. Which for me is quite a big step – the realization that I don’t have to finish every book just because I started it. Yea!


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