The Nineteenth Wife

I just finished The Nineteenth Wife by David Ebershoff  for my book club.  I was a little reluctant when I first saw the title as it wasn’t a subject I knew anything about and I just didn’t feel that interested in reading an enormous book about polygamy.  I decided to take it out of the library instead of buying it, which is something I do for books that I am not sure if I will love.  When I started reading it I was feeling bogged down by the size of the book and the subject matter and the fact that it seemed to be composed of essays from the 1800s.  However, after about 50 pages, I was sucked in.  It was so horrifying and fascinating to learn about the Latter Day Saints and their practices and how they treated each other and their enemies.  And then to keep reading and see that it was still happening in present time with the Firsts out in the desert.  It was so scary to me.  And you  know, I really do believe it is still happening out there somewhere in some small sect.  The very end of the story, with BeckyLyn’s closing scene, I felt like that really summed up the book beautifully.  I won’t write more about that scene so as not to spoil it, but while it really shocked me, it somehow seemed right also.  I totally recommend this book – it was fascinating!


2 thoughts on “The Nineteenth Wife

  1. Maybe I will recommend this to my book club. The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break was July’s book and evoked polarizing views amongst our members – some loved it, others couldn’t get through it. I, shamefully, still haven’t finished it!

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