NYC Day 1

We went as a family to New York City last week, arriving at 5pm on Monday and leaving at 11am on Thursday.  We drove in from Vermont, and decided to park at Beacon Station and take the train into the city.  This was brilliant as it made the car ride an hour shorter for the kids, made my husband so happy as he didn’t have to drive a car in New York City, and was a beautiful scenic ride in along the Hudson river.  There were two police stations right beside Beacon Station so it was very safe and parking was super cheap ($4.75 a day) as opposed to paying the hotel $35US a night.  We would definitely recommend this parking spot!

We arrived into Grand Central station and then walked the short few blocks to our hotel in Times Square.  We were staying at the Doubletree Times Square.  I was pretty worried about the hotel because everyone kept warning me about bed bugs in NYC.  There is even a website, The Bedbug Registry where you can check out if anyone has reported them at the hotel you are staying at.  It was not on the list and was happily bed bug free when we arrived.  It is right in the centre of Times Square and so fun!  The rooms were quiet and clean, with plenty of room for the five of us.  When you entered the hotel in the evening you had to show your room key to go up the elevator.  It was well worth the extra money we spent…my only complaint is they did not offer free wifi.  I think everyone should have free wifi!

We decided to have supper at Virgil’s Barbecue, it was just a five minute walk from the hotel and we had read great reviews.  I had ribs and everyone else had a hamburger.  The food was excellent, the prices were moderate and the atmosphere was perfect for a family.  It was a really great meal.

We ended up the night with a visit to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum.   The tickets were frankly astronomical!  It is definitely over priced.  But at the same time we all had a great time, and it was the perfect way to end our first day.  The kids loved seeing statues of Miley Cyrus, Johnny Depp, Diddy, Wayne Gretzky and Madonna.  Some of the wax figures are really fake looking, and some don’t look anything like the celebrity…you actually have to read the name to figure it out.  But…there are a bunch that are truly amazing, and worth checking out.  We had a great time…A perfect first day  in the city.


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