NYC Day 2

For Day 2 of our trip we had some serious sightseeing goals – and I was going to attempt to do most of it by foot…accompanied by a 9 and 11 year old…

First stop for the girls – American Girl for browsing and breakfast.  The store was really nice and it was fun to see all the dolls and clothing in person as opposed to on a website.  It is all crazily overpriced though and there isn’t a sale section like on the website.  One fun thing you can do though is make a custom t-shirt for your doll – which my daughter did.  The real highlight of the visit was the breakfast.  The restaurant is beautifully decorated in pink, black and white.  Each place setting has a pretty pink ponytail holder for you to take home with you.  The service was so great and efficient, we felt like we were at the Ritz!  The food was exceptional, and nut-free so my daughter could eat everything.  They had a gluten-free menu as well for my mother, so all food concerns were met.  The dessert was a little chocolate mousse in a flower pot with a pretty silk flower coming out of it…adorable.  And of course, Rachel’s doll Alexi, had her own seat and dishes at the table too.

While we were enjoying a  very girlie breakfast, the boys were living it up at the Nintendo World Store around the corner.  My son was pretty much in heaven…

After that we went to Rockefeller Centre and went to the “Top of the Rock”.  My only complaint about this was that it was kind of pricey, and there was no signage…once we bought our tickets we roamed around asking people how to get to the elevator for the attraction – a few signs pointing you in the right direction from the ticket booth would have really simplified matters.  The views were absolutely breathtaking from the top and we all really enjoyed it.  It was pretty gusty but so beautiful.  The Central Park view was our favourite.

From there, we walked up 5th Avenue and saw all the cool buildings and designer stores.  I love the Louis Vuitton store with the Eiffel Tower sketched on the glass – so beautiful.  We stopped in at Trump Tower and took some pictures and had a snack.  Very imposing.  Then we stopped in at FAO Schwarz where my son played on the life-size piano, and the kids perused the floors and floors of toys.  Right beside there is the Apple store which of course my husband wanted to check out.  It was so busy and packed that we didn’t stay long but the entrance and glass elevator was pretty cool.  From there we headed to the Central Park Zoo where we had lunch and visited with all the animals.  What a great little zoo and so reasonable priced!  We all loved it, especially the penguins, polar bears and red pandas. 

 We went from the Zoo to Bloomingdales where the kids and my husband hung out in the visitor’s lounge while my mom and I did some shopping.  It is always just nice to be at Bloomingdales and soak in the atmosphere.  I stocked up on Kiehl’s, and went back to find my kids who looked like they were done for the day.   My son begged me to take the subway home, so we did…it took a kind New Yorker to help us buy our tickets, and then another kind New Yorker to tell us where to go to actually catch the right subway, and then we were home. 

We rested for a while and then caved into the kids’ begging to eat supper at TGI Friday’s…which was kind of scuzzy but the food was surprisingly good.  We finished up with a trip to the three story Toys R Us in Times Square and the kids had a ride on the ferris wheel…everyone went to bed exhausted!


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