Gossip Girl Season 4 episode 1

Spoiler Alert!!  Do not read this if you have not yet watched the episode…

I took notes today while I watched the episode and thought they came out pretty amusing, so here they are for your perusal:

I love Serena’s dress in the first scene…and Blair’s too – they both look gorgeous.
I love the name Milo for Dan’s kid – so perfect and cute!
I don’t like the girl Nate met – she is annoying…
I love Blair’s dress in the museum too…gorgeous!!  I love that she hooked up with a Prince!!
I love Kristen Bell’s French accent 🙂
Dan looks so cute – Vanessa just said Georg-ina – haha!
Haha!  The prince is a chauffeur – great twist!
Blair just said she never sat up front before – funny…I bet he is the prince though and is just playing…we’ll see…
Nate’s friend is Juliet -now I hate her even more.  She has a weird face.
Wow Georgina is pretty freaking evil….wow. have I said wow?
I think Dan’s been working out – yum!
I missed Dan.
Serena’s shorts are ridiculous.
Georgina is lying – she did not do that test…Rufus doesn’t believe it! awesome!
The fountain pushing was lame.
I don’t get the big deal with signing the birth certificate. 
Why did he bring the Juliet girl to his hotel room when the girls were all in there?  That is so stupid!  Wow I really hate that new character.  Bleah.
I  knew he was the royal!  I am smarter than Blair.
Wow…did Georgina just leave the baby?  That girl really is crazy!
Who has Chuck’s wallet??????
OMG!  Juliet is crazy…not good.
Phew!  Chuck is safe and still pretty.  I like his girlfriend.  She has Serena hair.  OMG!  I love the cane!  Bisou Bisou!!

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