The Lost Symbol

I just finally read the latest Dan Brown novel this weekend…I loved it!  I really can’t remember if I loved it more or less than the others as I read the other books so long ago.   I do remember feeling like I had never read anything like it when I read The DaVinci Code, whereas this was a similar type book.  I thought there were some really great twists in the story, things I really didn’t see coming.  I wasn’t sure who was good and who was bad which is always fun when reading a thriller.  I liked all the main characters, and I find that Dan Brown has a way of writing his evil characters in such a way that I am utterly creeped out by them each book.  When I finished the book I actually went back and re-read the first couple of chapters to see if I saw things differently now that I knew the conclusion.  Anyhow, if you like Dan Brown – read The Lost Symbol – you won’t be disappointed…


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