Miscellaneous Grocery Humour

My husband is going away for the weekend to a friend’s cottage.  There will be four guys, and they will be there for two suppers, two lunches, and two breakfasts.  I offered to pick up the groceries for the weekend and this is the list they gave me:


4 steaks

8 hamburgers

8 chicken burgers

2 pack of hotdogs

1 pack of turkey dogs

2 x 8 hamburger buns

1 pack of hotdog buns

1 bag of wraps

2 boxes cereal (Lucky Charms)

2 cartons of milk

1 massive jug of OJ

2 x 12 eggs

2 packs of bacon

2 loaves of bread

12 Gatorade

2 x 1L bottles of Pepsi

3 bottles of Perrier

12 corn

6 potatoes

3 boxes of KD

4 bags of chips (doritos, salt and vinegar, sour cream and onion and barbecue)

2 box of Granola bars

2 bags of marshmallows

1 box of Graham crackers

Bag of apples?

1 jar of Peanut butter

1 jar of Jam

1 jar Margarine/Butter

1 container of sour cream

Coffee cream

Small jar of Mtl Steak Spice

I have already told my husband that I am dying to hear if they each ate 9 hot dogs in one sitting, and how much each guy actually ate for breakfast…file this under “boys are funny”. 


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