Easy A

I went to see Easy A last night – I had seen the preview so many times and each time I thought it looked goofy and fun, so when I saw it was playing I dragged my movie-friend and hoped for the best.  We got yummy fresh popcorn from the concession, with root beer plus my friend brought us peanut butter m&m’s and cherry blasters…food-wise we were set. 


 The movie is fun – it is witty and funny and short and very entertaining.  You need to get past the fact that all the actors are way past high school age, and just sit back and enjoy.  The movie is totally carried by Emma Stone who plays Olive brilliantly – I will be surprised if she doesn’t get really big in the next few years.  She is stunning and genuine and has great comedic  timing. 


One of my favourite guys, Penn Badgley is sweet and handsome and terrific in his role as well.  Lisa Kudrow is her usual funny self, and her character kind of creeped me out.  Thomas Haden Church is always funny, even if this is a really minor role.  Olive’s parents are zany and fun and make me wish I was a little more fun with my kids…The rest of the supporting cast is all great – we were surprised at how many big names were in the film.  It is a real ode to John Hughes’ movies, which we all loved in the 80’s.  All in all it was an enjoyable movie and lived up to my expectations from the preview.


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