Hawaii Five-0

Hawaii Five-O-h My God!!

I am so happy after watching the first two episodes of this show because it is on baby!  This show rocks…I am in a list-y mood so here are Five reasons for you to watch:

1 – Alex O’Loughlin is awesome!  He is so tough and rigid yet hot and cool as Steve McGarrett…I already absolutely loved him but this role is tailor-made for him…and now I love him even more.  Of course now I am going to have to share him with the rest of the world 😦

2 – Steve Caan – who I didn’t like at all on Entourage (which I should add, I loved the show).  I guess you aren’t really supposed to like him but I always found him so annoying and stiff, I was really not looking forward to him being on this show.  Hello!  I now love him!  He is amazing as Danno.  He has equals parts toughness, bravado and humour…Ironically I find him a lot funnier on this show than on Entourage.

3 – Daniel Dae Kim – Loved him on Lost, love him on this show.  Love him the most when he is driving his motorcycle and looking all cool and tough.  Enough said.

4 – Grace Park – It is so great to see a female character on a tv show that is as badass and cool as the male leads.  I wish she would eat a sandwich, but other than that I look forward to seeing her character develop.  The last scene of episode 2 where she graduates made me cry.

5 – Hawaii – my favourite place on earth.  So beautiful and I love all the great ocean and beach shots they weave into each episode.  Really just makes me want to go back there.

So why aren’t you watching this show?  And if you are, tell me why you love it!


3 thoughts on “Hawaii Five-0

  1. Well said! I had reservations about the reboot, especially since the recent “Knight Rider” was so awful, but the cast here is making the new Hawaii Five-0 a standout. The second episode especially got me hooked. And yes: Daniel Dae Kim looks totally awesome riding that motorcycle. 🙂

      • Excellent post! I didn’t think I was going to like the remake my self. Let’s be honest.Who could ever take Jack Lord’s place, with that famous line, book ‘em, Dano? lol…but like El Santo, I’m hooked!

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