Gossip Girl Commentary S4 ep 7

Written in an email to a friend while watching “War at the Roses”

Nate’s hair is making me mental!!
I am not a huge fan of the professor…looks-wise I mean.
Juliet had big black circles under her eyes – thought that was weird.  I love love loved the treaty and the meeting.  I also enjoyed Eric and Dan scheming together.  They were so cute and inept.
I loved Serena’s dress at the party.  And how fun that they have a big party every episode?
Nate’s hair looks much better at the party.  Phew!
The video of Blair singing was so stupid – it wasn’t even bad…why was that a big deal?  But fun that Robin was there!  I love her.
The whole denouement of Dan’s scheme was completely pathetic. And why did that end the treaty? A very weak end to a mostly fun show.  Chuck’s pocket square was fabulous though!

I sent too early – that sex scene at the end was hot and awesome!  Loved it!


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