Tom’s of Maine

I am pretty excited.  I just bought some Tom’s of Maine toothpaste to try out.  I hate regular toothpaste.  I used to like just plain Crest, but now I find you can’t get plain toothpaste anymore.  It all has weird flavours and bells and whistles that ruin the taste and texture for me.  So last night while at the pharmacy I spotted Tom’s of Maine Whole Care Toothpaste in peppermint flavour, and decided to give it a try.  I got home and gave my teeth a good brush.  At first I wasn’t a fan of the taste, it was a bit too much baking soda-y for me.  But then it kind of grew on me.  It was a simple paste and when I was done my teeth felt cleaner than they had in a long time.  I really like it.  The taste left in my mouth was also minty and fresh.  I am a big fan!!  I read a bit more and was happy to find that it offers clinically proven cavity protection from fluoride, whitens with naturally sourced silicas and freshens breath ad prevents plaque and tartar build-up.  Now I am thinking of trying out their deodorant…

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