Oatmeal Delight

So today I thought I would be all Mother Earth, and think ahead about breakfast for my children. I lovingly prepared a crockpot full of steaming hot oatmeal for them to eat upon waking this morning. It is sooo cold out these days and we are always in such a rush that I thought it would be a pleasant surprise for them. They both eat the single serving packages of oatmeal all the time, so I know they like it. I got up this morning early, and had a taste before I left and it was creamy and hot and yummy. I wanted to bring some to work with me, but there wasn’t a lot so I left it all for the kids and my husband. My daughter called me upon waking, delighted with the surprise. I called afterwards to hear how she liked it. “Mom, it tasted weird. I had toast instead.” Sigh. So now I have to go home to a cold crockpot full of uneaten oatmeal which has likely turned to cement. Oh the joys of motherhood!

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