Shellac Manicure

My friend was in California, and tried out this new manicure, called Shellac.  It goes on like a polish (no artificial nails or anything like that), is instantly dry and lasts with no chips for 14 days.  As soon as she told me about it and showed me her gorgeous nails, we had to find a place to do it here.  So I googled and found a spa that did it, and we made our appointments.  There wasn’t a lot of colour choice as it is a pretty new concept and the esthetician told us that they were going to expand their selection in the new year.  They carried the CND line of Shellac (OPI has one as well).  I chose the darkest colour they had, because I figured if I was going to try this out I may as well go all in.  They paint a base coat on, and put your hand under a UV light for 10 seconds, then do a couple of coats of colour, each one followed by UV lamp, and then a top coat, again followed by UV lamp.  Then it is done and your nails are completely dry!  Very cool.  It totally freaked me out when she was wiping my newly painted nails with a towel.  Here is what both our nails looked like immediately after they were finished: 

Nails right after being painted

We look gorgeous, don’t we?  Well the real question is, will it last for 14 days.  So, I vowed to be as normal as possible with my hands and see how it goes.  When I got home on Saturday, I cooked a big meal, and then did a ton of dishes.  Yesterday I also cooked and baked and did dishes.  I took another picture this morning, day 3: 

The shellac on day 3

They still look great.  I am starting to wonder if they will actually last the 14 days, but I will continue to check it out and post some updates so you can see how they look…


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