My newest makeup obsession is Tokidoki…I saw it for the first time in Las Vegas last April at the Sephora store in our hotel.  I immediately fell for the very cool packaging and amazingly vivid colours and sparkles.  I tried on all the testers of the eyeliners and eye shadows and couldn’t decide what to get so I decided to think about it some more.  Since then I have been courting them…yes I said courting.  I go to Sephora once a month and check them out and try on the samples…it was just so fun to continue to anticipate owning one.  I finally committed last week to a gorgeous dark blue sparkly eyeliner called Skeletro.

I got it home and immediately tried it out.  It went on so smooth, and dark.  Lovely colour!  It is really sparkly too.  I love it!  I have worn it every day this week…now I am thinking about trying out one of the eye shadows…there is a glittery black one that has caught my eye 😉


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