Shellac Manicure Day 12

Okay, here we are on Day 12 of the Shellac Manicure…

My shellac manicure on day 12

Still no chips!  I am actually pretty shocked.  I have been living my normal life and if this was a normal manicure there wouldn’t be anything left.  You can see a lot of growth, which is starting to bug me, but overall they still look good.  I intend to make sure the manicurist goes down closer to my cuticle next time so the growth is less prominent.  A lighter colour would also mask it better.  I am not the type of person that cares too much about that stuff though…

Now there is one problem that is developing.  When I got the manicure done I had a tiny tear in my thumb nail.  It was too low down to cut the nail back so we just painted over it.  She said the polish was strong enough that it should hold it together.  And it has, but now the tear is getting worse, and I am honestly not sure if it is going to last a few more days.  Here is what it looks like:

This is the tear on my thumb nail 😦

My next appointment is on the 28th – which would be day 17 – wonder what it will look like then and if my thumb will make it?


One thought on “Shellac Manicure Day 12

  1. SAME thing with my thumb. Now it’s short and growing. My second one is lasting well and painting closer to cuticle has made a huge dif. You will see tonight!

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