Shellac Day 16

I cannot believe it lasted this long!!  Day 14 came and went and my polish is still going strong.  There is crazy growth – again partly due to the fact that she didn’t go close enough to the cuticle the first time, but still – looks great!

My shellac manicure after 16 days

Still not one chip.   I really am kind of astonished.  On top of that, my thumb nail with the tear was bugging me so much that I actually cut it down and filed it…

This is my thumb nail after I cut the nail and filed it

Can you believe even after I filed it there is still no chip???  This stuff is almost scary.  So today I went and got it redone, and this time I tried the OPI Axxium polish instead of the CND.  I was able to get Russian Navy, and she painted a lot closer to the cuticle, so I think it will last even longer this time…hope I don’t get sick of the colour since it will be here for a while!

My new Russian Navy shellac manicure


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