a day in the life

So it has been a couple of weeks since I have posted…I don’t really have any excuses.  Sometimes I just don’t have the energy to take 10 minutes to sit down and write out my thoughts.  Today was a crazy day at work – all meetings all day.  Oy.  Then after school I met with my son’s teacher…we had a hunch there was some work evasion going on and I always follow up on the hunches.  Of course that meeting led to me getting home with the kids 45 minutes later than usual.  Then I had a ton of homework to get sorted out with my son.  Oh wait!  Turns out my daughter forgot to do something that was due today as well so we got started right on that one too.  I also made a quick, yet healthy supper (homemade soup, and ham sandwiches with cut up pineapple and a glass of milk) .  I didn’t eat the supper with them as I needed to fit a run in at some point and I prefer to eat after.  After a few tears and some pre-teen attitude I got my daughter out the door to dance class.  I finished the homework with my son and got him bundled in to bed (did I mention there were tears involved in that too?).  Said hello to my husband.  Completed my run (thankfully just a short one).  Greeted my daughter and reviewed her assignment.  Also got a demo of her newest dance number.  Got her to bed.  Had a bowl of soup.  Took a shower.  Had another bowl of soup.  Now it is 9:51pm and I am finishing this up and then I have to go upstairs and make a chili to stick in the slow cooker before this all gets started again tomorrow!  So, in a nutshell…sometimes it is hard to fit all of this stuff in, and write about it too 🙂


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