Shellac – the aftermath

Here is the ugly truth about the shellac polish experience – while your nails look absolutely stunning while the polish is on, and they don’t chip and they are glossy and strong…when the polish comes off your nails are ruined.  I am so grumpy because all the info you read online says that it doesn’t ruin your nails.  I have always had beautiful strong healthy nails.  They don’t break easily, they don’t split, they are in pretty perfect shape and I do absolutely nothing to keep them that way other than some Kiehl’s hand salve once a day.  Once the polish came off my nails looked alright, but they seemed quite dry.  They felt very weak but I assumed in a couple of days they would be back to normal.  It has been about a month and my nails break all the time, they are all super short because any growth causes a crack or split or break.  Big sigh!  I know they will get back to normal eventually but I have definitely learned my lesson – no more shellac!!!


2 thoughts on “Shellac – the aftermath

  1. Just like having acrylic nails. Mine took 6 months to return to normal after I stopped doing them Hopefully yours won’t take that long!

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