moving comfort

I bought a new pair of running shorts yesterday.  I went to the store and essentially tried on 10 pairs of shorts that all looked the same.  I was looking for something spandex, and mid-thigh, to avoid chafing.  I tried on a bunch that all felt basically the same, until the pair by moving comfort .  The ones I tried were the compression short

The second I tried them on, I noticed a huge difference.  They sucked everything in and I just felt really supported and comfortable.  They have a really nice cotton gusset that extends to the inside thigh which makes them even more comfortable.  I bought them, and then brought them home and wore them for my run.  I just loved them!  They felt great and the legs didn’t ride up and the waistband didn’t roll down, they were really well made.  They have a nice wide non-elastic waistband that looks good too!  I did a little more research and learned that moving comfort design clothes just for women and I could really tell with how well these shorts met my needs.  Now I want to check out what the rest of their clothing line looks like…


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