More great running gear

Since at the moment my life is completely filled by running, I am posting again about some new threads I picked up…

I just got the run swiftly v-neck t-shirt from Lululemon.  It feels like I am wearing air when I wear it.  Seriously, air.  It is so lovely and light.  Sure it is supposed to wick moisture away from the body, and has anti-stink technology…but it feels like air!!  It is the greatest t-shirt ever.  I absolutely love it and may need to go buy 5 more.  My one complaint?  It has a tag in it.  Sure I can rip it out, but Lulu, get with the times!  No more tags in running shirts…

My other new Lululemon purchase for running are the ultimate running socks…no really that is what they are called.  And you know, I really like them.  They were super comfortable, with no seams.  They have a right and left foot, so extra padding on each foot right where you need it.  Now, they didn’t feel like air, but still, they were a good addition to my running wardrobe.  I don’t think they would cut it for outdoor runs on cold windy March mornings, but for late Spring and Summer runs they will work quite nicely.

10 days til race day!!


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