My daughter is so much like me when it comes to organizing things.  She is always ready weeks before any event with activity plans, guest lists, shopping lists, food lists (most important of course!!).  I love planning things with her and always get a lot of her input for everything.  Whereas my son, I kind of think of as an absent-minded professor…so I run the ideas by him and then do all the planning, and hope that he shows up J. 

For his birthday this year, we have just moved and I was trying to plan an easy party that wouldn’t take too much work since we are living in a bit of chaos at the moment.  I was half-way through booking a party at the movie theatre, when I ran the idea past him.  Normally he would say, ok and that would be it.  This time, he said ok, and then we are going back to the house right?  To play and have cake?  I was kind of surprised that he had an opinion, and tried to talk him out of it.  This would mean extra work and planning and I didn’t know what state of unpacking the house would be in yet after the move.  He was completely adamant that we had to see the movie and then go back to the house and play and have cake.  Seeing as it was his party, I decided to acquiesce and give the kid what he wanted.  As the party got closer the weather was looking pretty grim and I was getting kind of worried about what we were going to do inside at the house when we didn’t even have a play room set up yet.  No problem.  Turns out my “disorganized” little guy had planned the whole thing.  His friends were all told to bring their DS and a Pokémon game, and he had planned a battle round robin.  The kids had the best time and he was the happiest kid ever.  I was so proud of him and realized that maybe he is a little more like Mom than I had originally thought…that or we are rubbing off on him. 😉


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