Moving Chaos

I am a pretty organized person…and I also live with the belief that everything always works out.  Because it does, right?  We recently made a huge decision and bought a new house outside of the city…it is gorgeous!  It is just far out enough to have some property but close enough that I won’t spend the rest of my life driving between locations. 

Right away I started packing.  And packing. And packing.  And no matter how organized you are there are some things that just need to wait until the last minute, like most of the kitchen.  And the kids’ favourite things.  And the clothing.  BIG SIGH

We moved a week ago and the last few days before the move were a complete blur of packing and trips between the houses and lots of unhealthy fast food.  Once we finally moved, there was no time to rest…it was time to unpack.  And unpackAnd unpack.  Oy to unpacking!  And the real problem with moving is that you can’t unpack anything until after the room is set up and the furniture is in place and and and…I am such a “do it now!” person that all of this waiting around is killing me.  I am finally coming out the other side of this and am starting to feel like we may finish setting up the house this summer… So even with all of the crazy and chaos that goes with moving, I think in the end it was totally worth it – on moving day, as I was sitting on the front porch, exhausted and grumpy, I took this picture.

Looking at the moving van from the front porch


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