Half Marathon May 2011

I ran my fourth half marathon on May 29, 2011.  To say it was a bit of a crazy time for me to be training for a big race is a bit of an understatement.  I was in the middle of dance competition and recital season, 15 days away from a move and pretty exhausted and stressed out.  I still managed to get out for pretty much all of my training runs, which was better than last year :-).  My training runs just weren’t clicking though.  I think I was just so exhausted overall that I wasn’t really eating or sleeping enough for the long runs.  I was having trouble on anything over 10km.  I would start out feeling okay and about half way through I would just fall apart.  My mantra (shut up and run) would scroll through my head continuously and I managed to get through the rest of the runs.  So I didn’t have high hopes for race day.  Some of my training runs were so slow, that I was really just aiming to finish the darn thing ;-).  However, when race day dawned and it was freaking raining, I knew I was in for a bad day.  My kids ran in the kids marathon first thing so I was up and out earlier than usual, but still thrilled to see them participate in such a great day and event.  After they were done I got lined up and was very happy that the rain had held off so far.  My first 7 km were actually pretty good.  I was feeling well and light on my feet.  Then it started to rain.  And it rained.  And it rained.  I got soaked, and ran through great puddles that had my feet soaking wet.  I was so cold there were points I was actually shivering.  Somehow I managed to keep my head in the race and keep my pace up – I think I ran a bit faster because I was so miserable :-).  In the end, I had a really great time – 2:14:46.  I never dreamed I could beat last year’s race, and I am so proud!!! And even though I was soaked right through to the very core (nope I am not a drama queen!)  I felt pretty good, and I actually had a pretty great race.  So yeah, I am signing up for one next year too 😉


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