10…as in my baby boy is turning 10 today!  I cannot believe it…where has all the time gone?  I know that is not an original statement, but still…he is TEN!  What a wonderful boy he has turned out to be – smart, witty, goofy, addicted to the written word.  Gosh I love that kid.  He always has the funniest, best timed comment for any situation.  He can defuse an angry moment with a simple – Mommy, why are you feeling angry today?  Who can stay angry at that kind of comment?  He is so sensitive and sweet, as we were watching the preview for the new Winnie the Pooh movie, he put his hand on my arm and leaned in to quietly say, Mommy I will go see that with you.  Have I mentioned that I love that kid?  He is also such a boy, covered in scrapes and cuts and bruises from who knows where, forgetting his glasses all over the city, leaving a little mess in his wake as he moves from room to room.  I am excited to continue to watch him grow and see who he becomes as an adult, but am also a little sad to see the time flying by…I guess this is motherhood.

Ten little fingers, ten little toes

I had no idea then how fast it would go

A laugh in the dark

A long walk and swing at the park

And suddenly…he is ten.

Full of love and life and wit

Loving lacrosse cause he gets to hit

Always finding a safe spot to sit and read

What more in a son could I ever need?


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