celebrity splurge

I just read this in a People magazine.   When Courtney Cox decides to splurge she has a piece of eggplant lasagne.  For real.  She said it, they printed it.  Now let me tell you what a splurge in my world looks like – I start with a Boston Creme donut and a caramel full fat with whip frapuccino.  I go from there to DQ and lovingly eat a full size midnight truffle blizzard.  After that, I wait a bit, to make some room…then I eat a piece of chocolate cheesecake the size of my head.  Now that my friend is a splurge.  In my life, a piece of eggplant lasagne is a normal meal, even a “trying to eat better” kind of night.  What is wrong with these women?  I mean that kind of comment isn’t going to make anyone like you more, no one in the real world is going to identify with that kind of splurge.  I can imagine her poor daughter asking for a treat and getting a piece of seaweed.  And let’s just mention here that I am a very normal, average weight…I think all these eggplant lasagne splurging women must be pretty grumpy…nothing a trip to Dairy Queen can’t cure ;-).

5 thoughts on “celebrity splurge

  1. She is obviously not a heathly role model. It’s unfortunately that young women (who don’t have proper models in their life) believe she is normal and they aspire to be like her 😦 And I am with your Ruth–I LOVE THE WAY YOU SPLURGE

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