In honour of 2012 (by the way Happy New Year!!), here are 10 things I plan to do this year:

1 – Run my 5th half-marathon (yes I am a glutton for punishment, but it does make me feel good :-))

2 – Run a 10km race in under an hour – I know I can do this again, I just need to get training…

3 – Celebrate my 40th birthday in style and to the hilt – I am so excited to hit this milestone – it is going to be fabulous!!

4 – Buy an e-reader – I think this is the year where I will enter the unknown world of e-reading and I think I will buy one for both my kids as well…time to figure out whether to go Kobo, Kindle or Sony…

5 – Buy something small from Tiffany for myself – a little bit of me power.

6 – Make some headway on the landscaping and gardens at our new home – it turns out that 2.5 acres is a lot of gardening! We are definitely growing our own pumpkins this year. My husband just actually called to say it turns out we have a birdbath that was covered in overgrowth…who knew?

7 – Read 12 new authors…maybe you readers can pass along some suggestions? I always like to read new authors in the hopes of falling into a really great long series that I never knew about.

8 – Experiment with vegan cooking – I bought a great cookbook in the summer but have been too daunted to actually try it out yet…must get on it. I love the idea of all the health benefits of adding this to my lifestyle – it should balance out the cocktails and fancy dinners I plan to keep indulging in.

9 – Learn a new skill – every few years I get a bit of an itch to learn something new – over the years I have learned to knit, play piano, crochet, write a book, taken some journalism courses…not sure what I am going to take on this year…any suggestions?

10 – Do something humanitarian – I always try to give back and I plan to continue to do so this year. I want to find something different to do this year that won’t cut into my already crazy schedule…better start looking soon.

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