Mad at Mercedes

Okay, here is the truth of the matter.  I am mad at Mercedes.  Not Benz, but the Glee girl.  In the beginning of the series, she was such a fun character, I liked her a lot.  She could SING, I love her voice.  She had swagger and sass, and watching her friendship with Kurt develop was a lovely story arc.  And then for some reason, she went from a fun, sassy character who is always there for her friends and an integral part of New Directions, to crazy self-absorbed diva girl.  I mean, she totally changed her character and no one seemed to notice.  Which is fine, whatever.  But then she left New Directions, joined a new show choir and stole members from the old choir.  Not cool at all.  Then she directly competed with her old choir, after the old choir spent the last 3 months being super nice and accommodating to her even though she totally didn’t deserve it.  I am not saying that New Directions was always perfect, but on the whole, she totally behaved like a baby.  After her new choir lost sectionals, for some reason she is asked to rejoin New Directions with Rachel agreeing to let Mercedes solo more.  I mean seriously?  On what basis?  And what did she learn from this?  And now everyone loves her again.  Well not me.  I am still mad.  I hold a grudge.  Why didn’t they say “fine I guess you can come back but no solos until you have proven that you won’t be a wiener anymore and show up late and leave us in the lurch?”  Every time I watch a Glee episode these days I feel a little more angry at her.  What did this character learn from the experience?  Be a jerk and screw your friends over and if it doesn’t work out hey no problem everyone will forgive and forget.  Well I haven’t, Mercedes, I am holding a grudge until you have proven yourself worthy again.


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