Night Runner

In October 2010, my daughter and bought a book called Night Runner from Chapters.  She was ten at the time, so I said I would read it quickly first and let her know if she could read it.  Well…it got stuck under two years worth of other books…and I just dug it out this weekend.  The book is by Max Turner, an Ottawa author, which is what made us pick it up originally.

The book is great!  It is about a vampire…but not the usual vampire love story type book that is being written for teens these days.  (just for the record I love those too)  This is a great story about a boy who is really a boy.  No sparkles, no superhuman strength, no suave macho fabulous-ness.  Just a guy who has some weird quirks and only one friend.  I find him totally relate-able and after my daughter reads it I am sure my ten year old son will love it too.

It is so hard to find a fun adventure book without all the not really appropriate for my pre-teens to read additions.  This is such a great fun read and was written really well and even better – there is a sequel already out…can’t wait to pick it up!  I may even read it right away this time 😉


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