Perfume Review

I am a die-hard wearer of Beautiful by Estee Lauder.  I think it is the most beautiful (ha!), classic scent out there and it works perfectly with my skin.  I also like Something about Sofia by Benefit.  At the same time as a teenager, I just to spend hours and hours in Jean Coutu trying out and smelling all the perfumes – sometimes spraying the particularly abhorrent ones on my unsuspecting cohorts.  So it felt a bit like a trip back in time when I received six scent samples to try in this month’s Luxe box.  I have tried them all out over the last week and here is my review:

Prada Candy – The second I sniffed this one, I knew it would be a good one…it smelled warm and yummy and sweet.  I found a write-up that said it is an explosion of caramel, which I totally agree.  I wore it all day and my only complaint was that even after I spritzed myself 4 times, it still didn’t last.    But I did smell pretty delectable for the day.

Prada Infusion d’Iris – This was also a subtle scent and I thought it would work well on my skin.  However, it didn’t quite work with my chemistry.  There was something off about it…it is supposed to “combine delicate lily of the valley, powdery violet, sensual cedar, and the Italian memories of clean, ironed linen”.  What ended up happening was a vaguely floral antiseptic smell.  So not great…

Nina Ricci L’Elixir–  This one was okay, but not one of my favourites.  It seemed to work well with my skin though because a few of my sniff testers said they quite liked it (but not more than the Prada Candy).  I found this write-up on it  “A sparkling sweet sensual fragrance: for a modern girl entering her fairy love quest with a hint of impertinence”  I mean really?  How the heck is that supposed to tell me what it smells like?  That is possibly the most ridiculous write-up ever.  It is supposed to be floral and fruity which is why I think I didn’t like it.  I like my perfume to smell more vanilla or caramel or floral and less fruity. 

Nina Ricci L’air du temps – I know this is a classic, but oh my gosh this was by far the worst scent for me.  It was so strong and so overpowering I felt like I was time machined back into the 1980’s when everyone was wearing crazy strong scents.  I actually had to wash this one off because I could not stand the smell of myself.  A big NO. (okay on a side note I just read that this one is  “A timeless and refined fragrance with a strong personality.”  Tell me about it!!)

Paco Rabanne Black XS – Okay I was so skeptical about this one because to  me – Paco Rabanne is what the boys who used too much cologne wore in the 1980s.  I almost didn’t try it after the L’air du temps experience.  I spritzed on the smallest amount and prepared to scrub it off…but hey wait a minute…this smells amazing!!!  Wow!  What a pleasant surprise.  I pretty much coated myself in it and ran around smelling wonderful for the rest of the day.  This one is even better than the Prada Candy I think…I will have to do a wrist by wrist comparison to decide.  In the meantime I will continue to smell like a rockstar (their advertising campaign for the scent) until my sample runs out.  For the technical readers out there the fragrance has notes of hellebore rose, tamarind blossom, pink peppercorns, cranberry, massoia wood, patchouli, vanilla, black violet and cacao flower.  I think it is the vanilla that sold me.

Paco Rabanne Lady Million: This one is okay, but I don’t love it.  There is something just subtly off about it – I am not sure what.  My husband just sniffed it and said it kind of smells like something an old lady would wear.  So there you go, I can use up the rest of the sample in about 30 years…I think it may be the gardenia and jasmine – they just don’t work on me.

So over all, I will probably buy the Prada Candy and Paco Rabanne Black XS again…they were both pretty yummy.  And wow was this a fun experience.


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